A call for support

December 23, 2011

Beautiful Resistance Distro is essentially brand new, and we need your help to get started. We operate entirely without outside funding and make no profit. All funds we receive come from the selling of our radical literature and media, and those funds immediately go towards purchasing more radical literature and media.

As you will see in our catalog, there are titles that are “coming soon”. In order to add these titles to our catalog, we need to have the funds to purchase them in the first place. So, that’s where you come in:

Please consider purchasing one or more titles of literature or media that we already have in the catalog. We will send this out to you immediately and your funds will go directly towards purchasing those titles we’d like to carry.

Another option is to donate. Our project is entirely grassroots, and public support in the form of funding is very much appreciated:


Thank you,

Beautiful Resistance Distro


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